• When: AUGUST 27th, 5.00 – 7.30 pm
  • Where: Kalabhoomi (next to CRIPA)

If you like to discuss, share and learn more about films and Cinema, we invite you to our Cine-Master-classes! Welcome to this chapter led by Jean-Luc B on actor Jean-Paul Belmondo

“Léon Morin prêtre” (Leon Morin, Priest) by Jean-Pierre Melville, France, 1961

Overview: Jean-Paul Charles Belmondo (1933-2021) was a French actor and producer. Initially associated with the New Wave movement of the late 1950-60s, he was a major French film star for several decades from the 1960s onward. His best known roles include Breathless (1960), That Man from Rio (1964), Pierrot le Fou (1965), Borsalino (1970), and The Professional (1981).

Belmondo’s film that Jean-Luc will present is “Léon Morin, Priest” (by J.P. Melville, 1961) It is set during WWII in Occupied France where. The film stars Emmanuelle Riva (Hiroshima Mon amour) as a jaded, lapsed Catholic mother and widow of a Jewish husband, who finds herself falling in love with a young, altruistic priest, played by Jean-Paul Belmondo. For his work in the film, Belmondo was nominated for the BAFTA Film Award for Best Foreign Actor. The film won the Grand price of Venise in 1961.
Duration: 1h.57’ – Original French version with English subtitles – Interaction after the screening.