Aurofilm / AV Film institute presentCINE-master class” – 5.00 – 7.30 pm at Aurofilm, Kalabhoomi (next to CRIPA) If you like to discuss, share and learn more about films and Cinema, we invite you to our Cine-Master classes! Welcome to the 4th chapter on Saturday 26th December : “A fistful of sand from utopia

Overview: As a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer Rrivu will present a perspective on the causal relationship of cinema with our being, body and mind in the world. Taking off from the deepest concerns of what Comolli suggested ‘with the advent of photography the human eye loses its ‘immemorial privilege’ and is devalued in relation to the ‘the mechanical eye of the photographic machine’ which now sees in its place’, Rrivu will explore ‘the cinematic’ as the filmmakers’ continuous tryst with the sacred and the profane, her struggle against any separation and calcification of truth. It’s a story bringing home a fist full of sand from utopia.

The 90 min talk will include screening of excerpts from iconic and obscure films including the speaker’s own works. The speaker welcomes interaction post the talk.

Bionote: Alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India, Rrivu Laha is a Cinematographer and a documentary filmmaker.  In 2017 Rrivu moved to Auroville. In Auroville, Rrivu with his partner Richa curated an exhibition titled ‘A tribute to the soiled hands and feet’ commemorating the pioneering spirit of early Auroville. Richa and Rrivu are now steering the Auroville Film Institute (along with Aurofilm) and designing cinema-centric learning journeys. 

For your information, the Aurofilm building is half open-air. Chairs for about 20 participants -on first come first entry. Please carry your torch light. We follow the Covid-19 SOP.

Aurofilm – Kalabhoomi – Auroville 605 101 – TN – India Tel. 91-0413-2622037 – on Auroville Website: – art and culture