Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai


Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai is from Goa. He has a MFA from the MS University, Baroda. He has participated in many group shows and three one man shows.  Charudatta also does caricatures.

He is a theater actor. He has acted in many plays in India and since moving to Auroville, he has acted is many Auroville productions.



e-mail: charu.prabhudesai [at]
address: Vikas
tel: (91) 9488826088



1 thought on “Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai

  1. way to go charu….i always knew you were very gifted sinc your early goa collge of art days…but they forgot to mention ..a naturally gifted singer too! 🙂 keep it up…see you someday in pondy 🙂

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