De-stress, Learn and Earn thru “The Art and Science of MeDiClowning” in Auroville

Are you stressed out by your life, your job, your studies?  Would you love to de-stress, heal and chill? Touch lives and share smiles?  Support healing others, add value to your work,  or find a new career? Add zest to your life AND have fun and earn? 

We have the perfect opportunity for you!
We are offering “The Art and Science of MeDiClowning” a 400-hour modular combined program of live in-person experience (in Auroville), online learning and fieldwork in Auroville and/or in the area that you and other participants are from. This modular approach gives you the flexibility to participate in the  full-time program at your own pace while continuing with your present studies, work or other obligations. It is preferential that modules be done in sequence, however, they can be done in any order.
The modules are meticulously planned and designed by our expert faculty. The purpose of this program is to provide you a 360-degree experience which enables you to rejuvenate, engage in self-care practices and promote self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence. To rediscover and live out your passion and your purpose.
We are training and building capacities to train MeDiClown and MeDiClown Trainers through digital platforms and technology tools, to strengthen the delivery of services in various fields including healthcare, education, corporate, NGOs and others.

During this global pandemic, we are shifting attitudes that create stigma and discrimination around mental health. We are enabling people suffering from mental health concerns to feel less isolated and overcome challenges.
Our international faculty has expertise in designing interactive programs, teaching and training in the “Art and Science of MeDiClowning” for over 30 years. With well-documented research and studies, MeDiClowning (also known as Medical Clowning and Therapeutic Clowning) is a global practice and career.
The “Art and Science of MeDiClowning” Certification program includes theoretical research and its application in theatre, movement, sound and music, traditional art forms, storytelling as well as self-care practices, shadowing, fieldwork and ongoing mentorship. 

The first three modules will be in Auroville.

  • MODULE 1 – Unlocking Your Happiness – Basics of MeDiClowning Sept 18 – 19 
  • MODULE 2 – Journey to the Centre of Your Authentic Self, Your Inner Clown Sept 20 – 24
  • MODULE 3 – Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Sept 25 – 26 And more….

Details about the full program and in particular the upcoming modules will be intimated to you shortly. 
Certification program on the “Art and Science of MeDiClowning” has sparked your interest. For questions or doubts please reply back to this email thread.

The certification program is COMING SOON!
Stay Tuned for more updates!
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Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Creating A Healthy Happy India For All
Fif, Hamish, Nithin, Zohar and the whole MeDiClown Team
Auroville, TN

*MeDiClown Academy is a registered activity of the Auroville Foundation. It was founded by Fif Fernandes and Hamish Boyd in 2013. 
MeDiClown Academy is the recipient of the YES! i am the CHANGE! Award, a Grant and Accelerator to train 5000 people in the profession to be MeDiClowns and MeDiClown Trainers.