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Savitri Bhavan

Savitri Bhavan is dedicated to fostering Human Unity through spiritual education based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This centre collects, develops, disseminates and displays materials to increase understanding of [...]

Pitanga Cultural Centre

Pitanga is a cultural centre dedicated to serving the development and enhancement of physical education and cultural activities for children and adult residents of Auroville in the light of Mother's and Sri Aurobindo. Pitanga has an [...]

MMC / Cinema Paradiso

  MMC (Multimedia Center) Auditorium / Cinema Paradiso is located at the Town Hall complex. number of seats: 122 presentation area dimensions: approx. 9.70 m x 3.00 m Equipment: state-of-the-art acoustics, [...]

Butterfly Barn

At present, we hold Women Temple, Leela Game, occasional Chanting, and short Awareness workshops. In the past Yoga classes, Belly Dance, Contact Dance etc. Our simple place with a lot of atmosphere, inviting people to connect with [...]

Spirit & Nature

Spirit and Nature is a learning centre situated in the middle of a forest and is dedicated to Spirit and nature- Nature as a teacher of the multiplicity of creative expressions of Spirit. Nature in the form of mineral, plant and [...]

Visitor’s Centre

The Visitor's Centre complex includes an outdoor stage with terraced sitting space and various other audience opportunities around it. It is primarily used for dance-, theatre- and music performances but also for poetry reading, fashion [...]