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A Jewish Sufi Yogi: Tales of Confluence in India

A Jewish Sufi Yogi: Tales of Confluence in India Jonathan Gil Harris in conversation withShilpa Vijayakrishnan 12 September,…

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Dialogue with Author Valentina Garozzo ‘Una Nuova Storia’

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Silos – ‘Auroville, a unique city’ with Valentina Garozzo part 2

Here it is the second part of the interview on Silos by Riccardo ValleThanks to the words…

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Auroville city Conversations #1 – Youtube

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Silos- “Auroville, a unique city” with Valentina Garozzo Part 1

Grazie alle parole di Valentina Garozzo in questo episodio di Silos scopriamo Auroville, una città fondata su…

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Supriya Pava: A Fresh Take On Environmental Art – Dhani Muniz

Art in itself is a balancing act. But art that attempts to contribute something of worth to…