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Academic Genius Brothers

Performed at unpredictable intervals in the amphitheatre of Auroville's Visitor's Centre, the Academic Genius Brothers' performances may question taste, but packs the house. Like a review of Aurovilian events and foibles, AGBs allows a [...]

CONSCIOUS – a documentary film

  A documentary film inspired by the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra AlfassaFeaturing: Stanislav Grof, Brian Thomas Swimme, Michael Murphy, and many [...]

Nuria Casanova

Singer, choir director and music teacher. I studied classical singing, piano and musicology at the University in Barcelona. Throughout the years I have continued studying with teachers specialized in different musical styles. Since [...]

Auroville Film Festival

The Auroville Film Festival is a biennial festival that takes place in every odd numbered year. The aim of the Auroville Film Festival is to connect with people and cultures within and beyond Auroville and to further the aspiration of [...]


Aurofilm proposes educational, cultural and artistic means for developing taste and discernment. Through research, film making, regular film shows conferences and workshops, our aim is to give the audience and participants an opening [...]

Roger Harris leaves his body, 30/3/2020

Roger Harris          This is to inform the community that our dear and long-term friend and brother Roger Harris (USA) left his body today at the age of 64 in his Prarthana apartment at [...]

Spirit & Nature

Spirit and Nature is a learning centre situated in the middle of a forest and is dedicated to Spirit and nature- Nature as a teacher of the multiplicity of creative expressions of Spirit. Nature in the form of mineral, plant and [...]

Kal Aaj aur Kal

Dear all, Arpanaa is delighted to bring Kal Aaj aur Kal, Bollywood audiovisual  show by Shashank and Sampada from Pune. The contact with artistes has been facilitated by Yogini.  Please join us at SAWCHU, Bharat [...]

Suryan Stettner

Suryan is a self styled singer/songwriter of contemporary western music, fusing many genres to create his sound. Conceived and brought up in Auroville, his parents (German and English) met and settled in Auroville in the early 70's. He [...]


I have enjoyed being part of theatre, dance and singing since I was a teenager for they gave me great joy and a sense of fulfilment. After joining Auroville in 1977, I have continued to work and evolve in these fields, stimulated and [...]