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Abha Prakash

I'm drawn to life-writing and memoir. My poems (published in poetry journals and anthologies) are usually in first-person and almost all are informed by subjective responses to my lived reality. In prose I have been working on [...]

Rod Hemsell

From 2005 to 2013 Rod has lectured regularly on philosophy and poetry at the University of Human Unity in Auroville, where he also has worked as Principal of New Era Secondary School from 2007-2012. During May-August 2013 he presented [...]

Akash Kapur

Akash Kapur is a writer who grew up and lives in Auroville. He is the author of one book, India Becoming, and his work has appeared in various publications, including The Atlantic, Auroville Today, The Economist, Granta, The New Yorker, [...]

Jocelyn 2

I have lived in Auroville since 1969, and wrote the only non fiction novel about the beginning of Auroville, Antithesis of Yoga. In 1998 I began working with master Ganessan from Thanjavur and other artists here at Janaka House Ravena [...]

Noel Parent

Noel Parent is a writer of poetry, children’s stories and other contemplative and inspirational articles. He moved to Auroville from the U.S. in 2007 and has worked at the Matrimandir Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Unity Pavilion and other [...]