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Anandi Elba Fernandez

Poet, before knowing the meaning of the word, playing at home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have written my first poem. Arts, in general are from childhood, my way of expression: dance, music, photography... And as a teacher, "Creative [...]

Noel Parent

Noel Parent is a writer of poetry, children’s stories and other contemplative and inspirational articles. He moved to Auroville from the U.S. in 2007 and has worked at the Matrimandir Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Unity Pavilion and other [...]

Anuradha Majumdar

Who am I? This is an excellent question. It certainly merits serious reflection. A clear discernment of self, few identifying marks, achievements if any, blood group and so on.. For the moment it can be safe to say: Site Under [...]

Abha Prakash

I'm drawn to life-writing and memoir. My poems (published in poetry journals and anthologies) are usually in first-person and almost all are informed by subjective responses to my lived reality. In prose I have been working on [...]