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Giorgio Molinari

Coming from Italy, Giorgio has been living in Auroville since 2003, making pictures for Auroville and Aurovillians as a gift, not for commercial use, and supporting the ARKA Project. At the Red Door in ARKA giving, upon request, [...]

Ashesh Joshi

My love for Arts and painting commenced and has grown with the study of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; learning has been an education in appreciating the beauty of life. When the moments of deep intimacy descend on me and the inner [...]

Olivier Barot 1

Olivier settled in Auroville in 1991. As a photographer, he became fascinated by the bewildering diversity of India, altogether wild and sophisticated, as well as by its splendid architecture. He then intended to show the Indian [...]

Edoardo Grassi

Edoardo Grassi’s fundamental focus is on documentary, travel and portraiture photography. Over the years, he grew fond of National Geographic images which encouraged him to learn basics of photography. Photojournalism and [...]

Marco Saroldi

MARCO SAROLDI Marco has worked as a photographer since 1983. In addition to the professional work, he likes to create imaginary landscapes or self-portraits representing contemporary issues. According to him, good photography is [...]

Lalie Sorbet

I have this passion to create images... again and again... Video, 3D, collage, painting, photography, I like exploring all the possibilities of expression. My latest discovery: macrophotography. These macrophotographs have been taken [...]

Ireno Guerci

When Ireno came with his partner from Italy to join Auroville in 1988 it was with the intention to drop photography altogether. He had been in the business for years, making photo reportages as a free lancer and had won three different [...]