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Watsu practitioner (shiatsu in the water), brilliant comedian, singer, Orev’s paintings are as flamboyant as her curls….

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I have enjoyed being part of theatre, dance and singing since I was a teenager for they…

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I had a career as actor, dancer and singer in France in the ’80’s for 10 years….

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Chloe Sanchez

Chloe travels between Auroville and France where she composes sounds for performing art, radio and documentary. Producer…

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Suryan Stettner

Suryan is a self styled singer/songwriter of contemporary western music, fusing many genres to create his sound….

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Nuria Casanova

Singer, choir director and music teacher. I studied classical singing, piano and musicology at the University in…

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Caroline studied several vocal approaches as Carnatic singing, Nada Yoga or Bel Canto lyric technique taught in…