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Remembering Astad: By Tapas

While working at the Indian Embassy, in Paris, Tapas Bhatt met Astad Deboo at an International Dance…

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Astad Deboo: A pictorial tribute to the contemporary Indian dancer

Contemporary Indian dancer Astad Deboo passed away in Mumbai on December 10. Born in 1947, Deboo was…

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News: Dance pioneer Astad Deboo dies at 73

Deboo employed his training in Indian classical dance forms of kathak as well as kathakali to create…

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Art (is) Life Festival

Welcome to the Art (is) Life Festival – an event by the Museum of Art & Photography to celebrate…

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Indianostrum: Open Theatre School’s six month Mentorship Programme

Indianostrum Théâtre is proud to announce six months mentorship programme as part of our new initiative “Indianostrum Open Theatre School“….

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Candy Box: AV Band

The 100% AV band, 8 months old, with 9 original tunes, is now on instagram!

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Lili’s is a playful approach to making and being. Working in a wealth of materials and contexts,…

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Lui Gino Fabozzi

  I started drawing and painting at an early age. Having been raised in a Catholic environment…

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Watsu practitioner (shiatsu in the water), brilliant comedian, singer, Orev’s paintings are as flamboyant as her curls….

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I have enjoyed being part of theatre, dance and singing since I was a teenager for they…

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I had a career as actor, dancer and singer in France in the ’80’s for 10 years….

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Matt Littlewood

Originally from UK, currently living in Auroville, India. Jazz saxophonist, pianist, composer and music teacher. Studied music…

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Grace Gitadelila Ueberle

“I have chosen to contribute as a Dance and Drawing Non verbal communicator expressing the ancient and…

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AuroTejas Hemsell

Tejas performs and teaches Odissi and Semi Classical Bollywood Dance. She has dedicated her life to the…

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Polyphonik Neo-Urban -/- Clown Krypto-Naze Novo-Punky -/- Nomad Bio-Anartist Je suis comme Tout l’monde, comme Personne et…

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Sam (mas.edolah.suweli)

Being an autodidact music composer, I create electronic music since 1998. Whether it is electroscape, techno, hip-hop…

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Chloe Sanchez

Chloe travels between Auroville and France where she composes sounds for performing art, radio and documentary. Producer…

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Tia Pleiman

Throughout my life as an artist, I’ve gravitated towards a variety of 1, 2 and 3 dimensional…

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Suryan Stettner

Suryan is a self styled singer/songwriter of contemporary western music, fusing many genres to create his sound….

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Serge Scarnato alias Sukhino

To speak about myself is not what I like the most, but to let art and music…

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Rolf Lieser

Born: 17 April 1954 in Trier, Germany. I studied Vis.Com./Arts in Germany and worked as Graphic Designer…

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Nuria Casanova

Singer, choir director and music teacher. I studied classical singing, piano and musicology at the University in…

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Jill Navarre

Auroville is a spiritual endeavor, and creating theatre in Auroville involves heart, mind, body… and lots of…

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Minsun Park

Organization Community Cultural Colors (see see see) with B in 2012. ‘Recycling art events’ in 2012/ ‘AUROVILLE…

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Merry Cook

I started composing little pieces, both harmony and melody, when I was about 4 years old. After…

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Krupa Jhaveri

Krupa Jhaveri, MPS, is an International Art Therapist and Art Director, born in the US and of…

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I make music as a way of personal growth and a means to express myself creatively. Music…

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Holger Jetter

Holger is a violinist and multi-instrumentalist. He is versatile in many styles and produces music in his…

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Edo is a blues, classic rock and progressive guitarist who emphasize improvisation over structured musical approach. He…

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Caroline studied several vocal approaches as Carnatic singing, Nada Yoga or Bel Canto lyric technique taught in…

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Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai

Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai is from Goa. He has a MFA from the MS University, Baroda. He has…

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Having immersed himself in the world of sound over the last 3 decades, in research, experimentation, project…