Dear artists community,

As a follow up of the awareness campaign on sexual harassment YouthLink called for a networking event to connect every unit and services working in this field, to further implement education and awareness in the community. We have held 3 sessions out of which we created SBA (Safety & Boundaries Awareness).

SBA is a collective consisting of YouthLink, Chrysalis, Mattram, CRP3, AVCP, AVSST, Working Committee, Jump Inward- Fakeera, AV Council and ICC. It was formed to create a network and collaboration between all the services within Auroville working on addressing the matters related to sexual harassment. Please note, SBA does not handle sexual harassment cases. AVSST is available for immediate needs and ICC offers further support in registering a complaint.

The intention of SBA is to implement actions to increase awareness, build emotional support, optimise prevention, and education within the community. The groups have been meeting together to discuss the gaps in Auroville regarding this topic and to gain more clarity on the present need and how to create a safer Auroville. 

We are creating an awareness program from 10th to 23rd April with different events, workshop, movie, theatre etc to raise awareness on the topic of sexual harassment and  find ways to prevent it. 

We are looking for artists that would like to curate an exhibition on the topic, the theme is 

“My Body- My Voice, My Body – My Consent, My Body – My Boundaries”.  

If you are interested, you can reach out to