Courage & Community

How can we build a better world if we don’t start to see everyone in it as members of a global Community*. Potential friends waiting to be known, loved, encouraged and connected to?

Saying this is one thing, but acting on it takes Courage*. Courage can be defined in so many ways. The least of which is entering into physical assault. A subtle yet more potent quality of Courage is that which makes us most exposed and vulnerable – connecting with new people.

We would like to propose a very simple and innocent way to begin crossing boundaries and making friends with the people of the Doumbouo Community in the Western Region of Cameroon.

We are beginning a partnership with the leaders of that community through our association with Community Renewal International with hopes that it will grow into a strong creative exploration and expression over the coming years.

And we would like to start with the children. If you know a young person who likes to draw or paint, a gift for this holiday season we would like to offer is one of initiating friendship through making a drawing about ‘what it is to be friends’ in collaboration with a young counterpart in Doumbouo.

The project is very simple:
Step 1) With images and pictures the first artist creates the start of a visual story, but doesn’t finish it. They leave it open for their partner to complete and enhance.
Step 2) Take a photo of it and send it to including the name of the artist, the age, a little about them (who is in their family, what do they like to eat or do, etc.) and, if possible, another photo of them holding the artwork.
Step 3) The artwork will then be printed in Doumbouo for the young artist there to finish with their ideas of what it is to be a friend and that will then be sent back to their artistic partner with information about them.

  • We would like to collect all the drawings and additional information on Step 2 no later than December 21st. Again you can forward it to

A gentle start to more layered and sophisticated projects in the future. Even with its simplicity — who knows where it might lead?

Happy Holidays!

Spread the Art,
Bari Hochwald-Cagnola
Founder and Artistic Director

  • Community is one of the Four Pillars of #Art4SocialRenewal. Courage is the 2nd element of the Whole Artist Elements which is also one of the Four Pillars.