About : Cedric Bregnard

Centre d’Art residency is an opportunity for artistic exchange and experimentation, focusing on process-based and artist-led research with a participatory aspect. 

About: Cedric Bregnard

Amazed by the cycles of nature, I have always been interested in its metamorphosis and its singular beauty. I started my work in photography with the human life cycle. In 1998 I finished my training at the Ecole de Photographie de Vevey producing a series of photographs of deceased people; this work, Passage, was carried out in the greatest respect and through the kindness of a nursing home, unique in Switzerland by its quality in palliative care.

I was then drawn by the resemblance between the cycles of human life and those of nature. Over the course of more than ten years, I have achieved several photographic series on the growth of plants starting from their seeds.

It was in Japan, in 2010, that these series took off, during an exhibition created after an invitation from the Spiral Art Center of Tokyo. This made me realize how my interest in looking for multiple representations of those seeds’ life cycle reflected my desire to contribute to reconnect people to their natural environment.

Residency timeline: 1st Feb to 31 march 2023

To know more about participatory aspect please contact cedricbregnard@gmail.com 

To know more about Cedric’s work: https://www.cedricbregnard.ch/

To know about Centre d’Art residency program: https://centredart.in/