sankalpa_intentionsfrom Krupa:

Call for intentions
Send us your Sankalpa to include in our art center structure.

As the new year approaches, we are sending our annual call for your intentions, resolutions and wishes. Whether or not you could contribute to the recent crowdfunding campaign, our art center is being built and we would like you to be part of it! Your intention or affirmation (Sankalpa in Sanskrit) will be included inside of the pipes and bricks that form our geodesic dome structure.

Take a moment to center yourself, listen to your inner wisdom and allow a message to emerge. Please reply here or share with the hashtag #MySankalpa on Twitter to send us this intention before December 30th and it will be included from afar.

If you can be with us in person, you can write your messages during an inauguration ceremony on site on January 3rd in Auroville. Contact us to volunteer on that day!

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