TTWREIS ( Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Society) is letting me conduct a film making workshop with students from indigenous/ tribal communities of Adilabad District. Students in the age group ( 12 to 15 years) will be using smart phones to shoot short films as part of the workshop.

The schools can at best offer only basic infrastructure. We need about ten smart phones to make this workshop happen. If you have an old or spare phone with the camera intact, or know of friends who can lend or donate old phones for the duration of the workshop. Please let me know. Phones will be returned after the workshop on my responsibility.

The theme of the workshop is My Environment. It would be a great opportunity for the children to learn basics of film-making that they can take forward to tell their own stories.
If anyone would like to volunteer their time ( including online) do get in touch with me Lavanya Ramaiah, contact no: 9110742901, mail:

If we can collect the necessary equipment, the workshop will be held for four weeks in two schools in the month of February, 2023.

Please spread the message to like-minded people who believe in art and creative expression. And want to make it accessible to all.

Thank you🙏