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Submit your story ideas under the themes – Urban Biodiversity OR Environment Action before November 6, 2022.

Big gaps in green financing could hamper India’s energy transition.
India’s green sector is getting only 25% of the annual financing it needs to meet energy transition goals.

Rajasthan is getting wetter and it’s not good news for the desert ecology
The distribution of local species such as treepies and grey hornbills is impacted by an increase in water availability.

[Book Review] ‘First Steps’ tracks the beginnings of citizen science in India
The book documents, in a unique format, the stories of 17 citizen science projects in India and their challenges.
Watch: Mangrove plantations in the Sundarbans are taken up by different groups. But how successful are they?

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Mumbai activists demand that the tree geo-tagging information be made public. Activists and tech experts opine that access to the tree data can improve governance and public participation in tree conservation.

Farmers continue protests against proposed IIT campus in Goa.
The land earmarked for the site, is a thickly forested hill that stands surrounded by farmlands and orchard plains.

Clouds, droughts and other elements of nature recur in Rajasthan’s folk songs. Melodious folks songs in Rajasthan, narrate weather conditions and the emotions linked to environmental changes.

Climate change threatens the habitat of the endangered white-winged wood duck, finds study. Change in temperatures and the rate of precipitation linked to climate change are the leading causes of habitat loss.