An offering by Auroville for Auroville… for all who cherish HER dream, Mother Earth, community, and a celebration of togetherness on this land
At Solitude farm, we believe that the simple act of eating local food can create a profound shift and healing in ourselves and our society, counteracting the vast industrialization of agriculture. Local foods reconnect us to the essence of well-being, and to our cultural identity.
Sharing our work and passion over 30 years with the community and people from all over the world, the work at Solitude has inspired many of us to revalue local food, explore our relationship with Mother Nature, and understand where our food comes from.

This Christmas, we invite you to an evening of local food, music, community, dance, live body art, fire, devotion, and celebration.
Music and Food bring people together!

Krishna’s band Emergence has played at Glastonbury festival, The Kenedy centre Washington DC, NUS Singapore and various festivals all over India.
Mahesh Vinayakaram, who has recently sung for A.R. Rahman’s new movie Ponniyan Selvan, along with Jazz Pianist Aman Mahajan joins Auroville drummer Suresh Bascara and prodigy bassist Dhani Muniz along with Krishna McKenzie, frontman of Emergence for an evening of the band’s original ‘Acoustic indo-pop’ with Tamil and English songs.

Anadhana, local food for 1000 people will be cooked with produce from Solitude and other Auroville farms and offered to all. This celebration will start with our community coming together and preparing the food at Solitude Farm Café.

Before Sunset, pujaris will invoke blessings with a special pooja and Havan. Fires will be lit, and food will be served, along with an interactive performance by our own art collective emerging from the sacred fire.
We invite you to join in creating and celebrating this event together.
Many hands are needed to prepare the space, cook the food, set the stage, and help with the installations.
To volunteer please contact us at or on WhatsApp at +91 9843319260 (please specify community celebration)

The concert will be live streamed so no matter where you are in the world, you can join in and be here with us too!

Human Unity can be found in the simplest actions, People, Food, and Music. Come join us under the stars! Along with our Auroville community from across the globe, as we sow seeds of human unity.

We need your support to make this event happen. Please offer generously!

The link below is so easy to use:

Donations can also be made on the financial service PT account LYUE #252255

This Event is strictly Drug and Alcohol – Free*