CREEVA (Centre for Research Education Experience in the Visual Arts) wants to hold a one day street art exhibition for our Auroville and outside artists at Bharathi Park in Pondicherry. We intend to have this show to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s birthday on 15th of August 2022.

We hope the artists participating in this exhibition will delight the public with their works of art and this event will be a great opportunity for an artist to realize the fullness of their creativity in the future.

To implement this event, we have to pay fees of INR 30,000 to Government of Puducherry for the permission, and INR 30,000 for other expenditures. The total estimated cost is approximately INR 60,000.

CREEVA is a non-profit service organization. We want to support artists, they want chance to show their work to outside world, imposing fee to the participating artists will be a burden to them.

Therefore, we request for your support and heartfelt donations on this occasion to promote this project.
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Cause : Creeva’s Street Art Exhibition 2022.
Account:  F/s – 252422

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