ASEF through and Casa Asia are pleased to launch the open call for At Home/Being Home, an e-residency for young emerging artists from the performing arts, music, film and new mediasectors. With this e-residency we continue to organise virtual capacity building initiatives in response to the impact of the global pandemic. The residency will consist of a capacity building component and a collaborative component. It will be held online for a period of 6 weeks and will offer an opportunity for capacity building, peer learning and collaboration. 4 participants from Spain and Asia will be selected through an open call and grouped in pairs.  Each pair will work together with the support of a mentor, expert in this field, who will guide the two pairs of artists to develop their project. 

About the Residency


  • Selected artists will work in pairs. Each pair will be assigned a mentor and will collaborate online over a period of 6 weeks (15 September to 29 October 2021). 
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply in pairs. For individual applicants, the pairing will be done by the organisers.
  • Each applicant/pair of applicants is/are required to respond to the theme as indicated in the call. Each applicant/pair will further define and propose a specific project based on the theme to be developed with the mentor.
  • Each pair will work on a final output that could take the form of an online performance or work in progress, photo documentary, podcast, video documentary, amongst others. The final output of the residency will be published on and Casa Asia social media channels
  • At the end of residency, each pair will take part in a webinar, podcast and/or video interview about the collaborative process as part of a wider sharing of their residency experience.

Fee: Each participant will receive a fee of SGD 750 for their participation in the residency to be used for the implementation of their project idea (e.g. research fee, purchase of materials or any other necessary service fee)


What is home? What is being at home? What is being away from home?

With the current pandemic environment, ‘Stay at Home’ has come to be a common term around the globe. At the same time, it has questioned our habits and way of living, embodying both a comfortable and a “forced” sensation. In order to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, people have been asked to stay home except for essential tasks. In this truncated existence, we have had to reacquaint ourselves with our homes and its structures, and its physical and functional aspects. It is not only a space for shelter, but now it is also an office, a classroom, an exercise studio, a playground, amongst other features. It has become a space where we feel protected but also confined from others, where physical contact is restricted but where the virtual world has expanded. Homes used to be spaces where people would escape to but with the lockdowns, people have also experienced the desire to escape from home.

Home is more than a place. It’s a concept, an idea, a memory, an imagination. A non-physical and barrierless concept, which embodies a space that is identified as “home”: it is our neighbourhood, our city, our country or the globe itself. Yet, the pandemic has restricted us to move within this space, depriving us from or transforming the sense of home. This has also changed the boundaries of home, the opportunities for encounter, dialogue, reflection, and creation.

Submission of applications

We invite you to submit your application through this form and attach the required documents latest by 30 July 2021

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