­A scholarship partnership that was set up to aid promising dance artists who require financial support, the Attakkalari- The Inlaks India Foundation Scholarship has been successfully realizing its vision since it started. The scholarship has been fuelling the dreams of deserving movement and dance artists by giving them the chance to earn a qualification from Attakkalari. This year, the scholarship will be offered to TWO eligible candidates from India who have been offered admission to the Attakkalari Certificate Programme in Movement Arts and Pedagogy through the selection process.

The scholarship scheme covers the Rs 1,00,000 tuition fee for Attakkalari’s six-month-long program and provides a sum of Rs. 1,50,000 for the student to cover their living expenses in Bangalore. The last date for application is Sept 6, 2022.
(Note: Applicants must have successfully cleared the audition for the course in order to apply for the scholarship. The applications will be scrutinised and assessed based on a predefined process.)