When thinking about mobility, people have come to “imagine that mobility is border crossing, as though borders came first, and mobility, second. The truth is more the other way around.”

In the area of arts & culture, we refer to cultural mobility as “the temporary cross
border movement of artists and other cultural professionals. Certain forms of mobility relate to the individual (e.g. networking,residencies etc.); others are intrinsically connected to the mobility of works or performances in another country. (…) Mobility is not only understood as occasional movements across national borders that maybe useful to gain professional experience required for career advancement, as we

ll as advance artistic endeavour, but more as an integral part of the regular work life of artists and other cultural professionals.”

In recognising how integral mobility is for artists and cultural professionals, the AsiaEurope Foundation (ASEF) launches Mobility First! Through this new initiative, ASEF supports the mobility of artists and cultural professionals for cross border activities that include participation in events, networking, researc and collaborative meetings. Mobility support is provided to selected individuals for travel from Asia to Europe, Europe to Asia & within Asia.

Fordetails: http://www.asef.org/images/docs/ASEF%20mobility%20first%20open%20call.pdf