India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) invites applications for
Arts Platforms
Under its Arts Practice programme
Applications can be sent any time during the year

The Arts Practice programme seeks to implement projects where artists expand their present range of practices in new directions. These could question accepted conventions, push new frontiers in content, form and medium, explore new modes of engagement with space, audience and communities, foregrounding a spirit of experimentation.

Arts Platforms: Artists might at times feel the need to come together to exchange ideas, foster new ways of expression or to generate nurturing networks that help sustain their practice. Such a desire to congregate might be triggered by a seeking for new artistic ideas outside of their own domain, a need to break free from a long period of solitary practice or by an urgency to respond artistically to a particular socio-political situation.

Under the Arts Practice programme, we invite proposals for Arts Platforms that seek to build and stimulate networks and spaces – physical or otherwise – that bring together artists within or across practices on a common ground with the aim of building solidarities, enabling creativity and sustainability of their practices.

To read translations of this Request for Proposals in certain Indian languages, click here.

Duration of the project: Up to 12 months

Budget: Up to a maximum of Rs 1,50,000/-

Calendar: Proposals can be sent at any time during the year

Who can send project proposals?
The programme invites proposals from practitioners working within as well as across disciplines. These could include:

  • Performing artists working in music, sound, text, dance, movement, theatre, puppetry, storytelling, magic, circus and other performance arts
  • Visual artists working across all forms including film (documentary and fiction), animation, photography, installation, new media, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, interactive arts, gaming, painting, sculpture, printmaking, comic book, graphic narrative, artist book and other visual arts
  • Curators, especially those working outside of the gallery context
  • Poets, novelists, playwrights working with literary arts
  • Practitioners engaged in interdisciplinary work

You are eligible to send project proposals if you are an Indian national. Your collaborators too must be Indian nationals. For details please click here.

How to send project proposals?

  • You can write your proposal in any Indian language including English. IFA encourages projects in Indian languages other than English
  • You can send us your queries and draft ideas in written, audio or video formats for response from IFA staff. However, final proposals will have to be in written format only

Send us a proposal describing:

  • Your existing arts practice, concerns and interests as a practitioner
  • Details of the Arts Platform you want to create and the reason why, along with details about the partners/ collaborators and the network/space/place where you want to enable/host it
  • Detailed timeline and budget
  • Examples of earlier work, relevant to this application
  • Your biodata with address, phone number and email id

Proposal Submissions:
Your proposals can be sent:

  • Online to Sumana Chandrashekar, Programme Lead, at OR
  • By post to: Sumana Chandrashekar, Programme Lead, India Foundation for the Arts, ‘Apurva’ Ground Floor, No 259, 4th Cross, Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage, 2nd Block, Bangalore – 560 094, Phone: 080-2341 4681 / 82

For any queries and clarification regarding your proposal, please write to

All selected projects will be implemented by IFA.

The Arts Practice programme is supported by Sony Pictures Entertainment Fund.