If you love cinema, theatre, poetry, music, photography, lyricism, beauty… please do not miss these films of Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Bengali poet/filmmaker.

Buddhadeb is now 72, and over the past 4 decades has produced an oevre of films that have put him in the Masters of Cinema category. His films have won countless awards both internationally and nationally, including at the most respected international film festivals including Venice, Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, and the major film festivals of Asia. In India he has repeatedly been awarded the National Film Award for Best Feature Film and National Film Award for Best Direction. He was recently invited onto the Academy of Motion Pictures.

Described amongst the likes of Tarkovsky, Fellini, Cocteau, Buddhadeb’s sensual films are of a style all his own. He has been described as a ‘Merchant of Dreams’; as a maestro, serving up an audio-visual banquet of ravishing images, evocative music and hallucinatory sound design.

‘Uttara’ (screening 8pm Monday 21, tonight, at Cinema Paradiso) remains one of his favourite films. It won 4 major awards at Venice international FF in 2000, amongst others.

‘Tope’ (Tues 22 at CP) is his latest film. Buddhadeb will be present to introduce and do a Q & A at the conclusion of the film.

‘Sweet Home’ (Wed 25 at CP) directed by his wife Sohini*. Sohini will introduce and be there for Q & A at its conclusion.

‘Kaalpurush’**(Thurs 24 at CP), shot in Kolkata and on location in Orissa.

We will organise an informal gathering with Buddhadeb either at La Terrace or elsewhere on Tuesday afternoon, 4:30-6pm.



*Sohini joined Buddhadeb as his assistant back in 2003 and her filmmaking has been moulded with B’deb as her mentor. She has assisted on all his films since 2003 and is recognised as an up and coming filmaker in her own right (short films, documentaries, commissioned films… ‘Sweet Home’ is her first feature. She teaches cinema production in Kolkata, in between developing her own work and that of B’deb)

**This the film on which I joined him in 2004. My 3 months with them in pre-production and during the shoot, and later a return during the sound post-production, was a remarkable experience; his approach to film production so different to my previous experiences on Australian shoots.