From my little Hut in the forest

A book by Yorit Rozin

The fairy tale is a genre that has captured the imagination of people in all walks of life throughout the world, and for a good reason: it gives one the belief that dreams could come true. And in this case, they really do!


“From My Little Hut in the Forest” is not a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. But it very well could be as it is a magical and extremely happy story that first time author Yorit Rozin tells about her settling in Sadhana Forest in Auroville. In this book where Yorit is both author and illustrator, the characters are neither primitive nor archetypal, it is Yorit own story which radiates.
In a collection of poetic narratives, personal histories, illustrations and penetrating commentary, the author bares her soul and challenges learned wisdom while writing about her dream to live in a forest and the joyful realisation of this aspiration.
It all started in 1998 when, travelling from Israel with her husband Aviram, they ended up in a small and remote village in Nepal with no road, electricity, running water or communication. They quickly became involved in all aspects of village life. She realised then that Mother Nature is huge and that she (Yorit) was very small and had to become very humble. There started her dream of wanting to become a “daughter of the forest”.
In 2003, in search of a community and spirituality, they settled in Auroville and started the challenging forest and land restoration of Sadhana forest.
The book is full of short stories which are refreshing in their writing style and beautiful illustrations. It travels through time with stories of her first 12 years in Sadhana Forest, with adventures of a cyclone, experiencing living with no doors, the birth of a baby, a dream about Sri Aurobindo and much more.

“From My Little Hut in the Forest” is not only about the accomplishment of a family co-creating an authentic life or the success of unity and happiness, it is also about challenges and very hard work involving the raising of two daughters in the forest.
The book starts with the very moving picture of Yorit’s family, reminding one of pioneers building a Shangri-La, and travels on a journey with the last page going into the deep metaphysical question of the meaning of “what is my own promised land”.
Does it resonate like some kind of far away land? Is it simply living your deepest dream or just a meaningful life? Could it also be the nostalgia of lost paradise?
Reading “From My Little Hut in the Forest” you will be convinced that you can turn ideas into concrete results, that you should never stop searching for “your” promised land, you should keep on working hard towards it and that your own fairy tale can come true. Then when it’ll happen, you’ll know that you’ve come home.

Chana Corinne Devor for AVArtservice

Note: In the spirit of Gift Economy, Yorit’s book is available for free electronic download in both PDF and printable version at : May all enjoy these glimpses into the life of an Aurovilian family and the forest that has grown along with them!