About the book:

Everyday We keep hearing about the war that is raging around the world in newspapers and on television. As a result of this war, many innocent people have been displaced, injured, or killed. We lose sight of the human-to-human connection; we become so consumed by power and materialism that we forget we must die and return to the divine.As a result of this power, humans have become so engulfed in hatred that they have forgotten everything.Lily in War is an anthology of short stories from all over the world. The stories take place during a war and depict how people lose their families, land, and lives as a result of the conflict.War destroys not only the assets or property of a country, but also, and most importantly, humanity. Life is extremely difficult during and after the war, especially for those who survive. The stories in the book are works of fiction, but they are inspired by people who survived or died as a result of the war. It transports you on an emotional journey in which you feel more human connection and power than any materialistic thing in the world.Every chapter in the book transports the reader to a different era, time, and location, but they all have one thing in common: war. Perhaps the results will be different. Although the languages and locations vary, the pain is universal. Everyone has the same window. I hope these stories inspire and provoke thought in you “Enough with the war. We require peace and love.”

About Author,

I came to Pondicherry University to pursue a degree in theatre. I began my theatrical career during my graduation years, and after a few years, I realised I needed to dig deeper into my craft. I’ve decided to concentrate on the academic side of the craft. That’s how I ended up in Pondicherry. When I first heard about Auroville, I was in my first year of college. Auroville was recommended to me by one of my classmates. He said there was some play going on and that we should all go together, and that’s how I first came to Auroville.
I was blown away by the performance of one of the Auroville theatre group’s actors, Michael.
I’ve decided to work with the Auroville Theatre Group in order to improve my craft. Things were going swimmingly until the lockdown occurred, and my director asked me to relocate to Auroville so that we could do something. I finally arrived in Auroville and began preparing for my solo performance, “Red Bike.”
And I’ve been here in Auroville since that time. It’s my fourth book as a writer. I hope you all enjoy it.