Bharat Nivas is happy to announce its next webinar by Aurelio under the series “Performing Arts”. 

The Topic for Aurelio’s Webinar is “ Sound and Music Composition in Theater” (Aurelio’s work with Aryamani from Auroville & Veenapani from Adishakti)

Soundscape composition in Theatre

If theatre as a sacred stage performance, wants to sustain its power and presence in the onslaught of electronic multimedia and film culture, it can do so by captivating the audience through the live human presence, the authenticity of the moment, the storyline, imagery and the soundscape creating the scene-specific as well as shifting atmospheres.  The auditory sense leads into the depth, brings in and enhances the subtle information and themes of setting and story.  

Sound and music touch the emotions, trigger imagination, create spaces, change perceptions,  extend the scene into the totality of space along with its participants, making everyone part of the unfolding experience.