Your favorite radio is always working to produce the best for the town. Next week Sai Pryia will start a new Tamil music programme while Damo is working hard on the new website. Stay tuned! 

Here you can listen to the stream channell (playing 24/7).

Hereyou can see on-air schedules.

Last published podcasts

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Soul Tracks – ep.13 “Lucky 13”(Music)

Aarohan – ep.3 “Shakti”(Music)

Savitri – B. VII C. IV Part 3(Sri Aurobindo)

Audible Weed Walk -ep.14(Science)

The Tamil Literary Forum – ep.11 

The Academik Genius Brothers – ep.3(Theatre)

Neo Urban Chronik – ep.18(Humour)

The Best of What Still Around – ep.15(Music)

Lectures par Gangalakshmi – 334(Sri Aurobindo)

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