The Auroville Film Festival is pleased to do a public screening of an award-winning feature film from the festival. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Aurovilian Ann Riquier, originator of the film.

  • When: 8pm, 28 April, 2022
  • Where: Cinema Paradiso

Songs of the Water Spirits

2020, India, Documentary, English and Ladakhi, 1hr 40min

The challenge of a society set in the breathtaking mountains of the Himalayas against environmental degradation. Can the quest for a “glocal” way of living projected towards an “ancient future” inspire the Western economies of our planet? 

Director Statement:

“Ladakh is an extraordinary place. There are legends that even unite the paths of Buddha and Christ. And people like me, who live in the globalized West, have always dreamed and seen the Himalayas and Tibet as a stronghold against the excesses of modernity. But the truth is the opposite, the problems of life in our modern society end up re-emerging among the most remote Himalayan mountains. Here, climate change, decadence, urbanization, and traffic pollution are, in some cases, even more brutal. Is it really the end of that magical and mystical dreamed world, full of mysteries rich in meaning? My hope is that the courageous dynamism of some visionary minds working across the platforms of culture, research and technology can break the ongoing vicious cycle and open a new way.

While we are dealing with racial issues and a continued fight for racial equality, while we are dealing with Covid issues, we are also dealing with really big climate issues. That is going to be the issue that we are all going to be faced with in a big way, and making allies with the elements is going to be a big part of the solution. It’s not all of it, but if you love the elements they will love you. We need to build a relationship with the elements because they are speaking to us right now, and they are speaking in ways that we need to stand up and listen to. So I hope that you will open up your heart to the elements and see what happens.”
Screenings / Awards:

  • Visioni dal Mondo International Film Festival Milan Premiere Jury Prize Italy
  • Kendal Mountain Festival, European Premiere Official Selection United Kingdom
  • Terraviva Film Festival Casalecchio di Winner Best Film Italy
  • Climate Award Germany
  • Torellò Mountain Film Festival Torellò Best Cinematography Award Spain

Director, Writer, Producer: Nicolò Bongiorno

Cast: Sonam Wangchuck, Nicolas Tournadre, Stanzin DorjayGya, Deskit Angmo