AVRun 2021 for 20 km (3 pm), 10 km (4 pm), 5 km (4.30pm) on Sunday 28 Feb at 3 pm from Certitude

See map on Auronet.

At the Kolam, turn right through the open space (Swami Land) till Fertile East, turn left after Patrick & Heidi’s and continue on the dirt road till the Dana security check post.

Then when you reach Gaia (paved road), turn towards Matrimandir and branch left towards Deepanam (very soft sandy stretch), then turn right skirting the Matrimandir.  
This route measures 10.2 km.  The 5 km run will go from Gaia to Deepanam, Matrimandir and back. 

~ Each runner is responsible for her/his health. ~

Volunteers are requested to meet on Saturday  27th at 3 pm at Certitude
to help mark the route, prepare refreshments and medical stations

(No charges or fees. Donations are welcome for refreshments and gifts: acc 252169, Certitude Sports, AVRun)

Let us celebrate Auroville’s Birthday by running through its trees and flowers.