Our Service: Vocational training opportunities for the unemployed youth around the villages of Auroville and transforming them into craftsmen who can produce world class Bamboo products . A technical and sociological research component to bring together Indian traditional craft with contemporary world culture. Production and marketing of Bamboo craft for income generation and building stronger communities for sustainable living. Unending research and development of Bamboo for the welfare of local and international communities. Bamboo Centre Auroville as a pioneer in the creative development of sustainable bamboo products, the Bamboo Centre is committed to generate awareness of environmentally sustainable applications of bamboo through research and education. Employing people from local villages around Auroville, from Pondicherry Union Territory and TamilNadu State.The organisation strives to support and revitalize the community in which it is located while serving both domestic and global markets that demand high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo merchandise. Through these initiatives the bamboo centre aims to advance the vitality of the planet and it’s people.

During April to June 2020 Activities 
COVID-19 Pandemic and the Subsequent lockdown in India  During the past three months, our activities have not been fully operational due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in India. People all over the country are facing hardships and challenges due to this health crisis and the people around Auroville and its Bio-region are currently losing their jobs through the curtailment of their ability to work and because of the impact it is having on the economy. The Bamboo Centre family continue to share their support for their staff by offering half-day work and giving the team an opportunity to work on some bamboo saplings, bamboo lamps , Musical Instruments and bamboo food preparation. 

The ethos we are creating is around the incredible qualities of bamboo’s durability and that is to impress on our team and their families that, like bamboo, we too can bend as much as possible but we won’t break. This is the confidence we have instilled during the last three months of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Volunteers and Interns Opportunity   We hosting students as Volunteers and Interns, the Auroville Bamboo  Centre supports students who want to study the many possibilities and applications of bamboo. We offer access to a range of workshops, a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network. If you want to stay for longer than two months, please contact SAVI ! About SAVI:
“Savi” (Tamil word for “the key”) is Auroville’s volunteers gateway. They are amazing and can help you along with many questions you may have about Auroville. They help you deal with official stuff (like volunteering visas to India) and getting registered here as a volunteer. Go to SAVI’s website (AV.org)
Training & Workshops Possibilities At the Bamboo Centre Auroville we make training accessible to everyone. We invite individuals to participate in a wide variety of workshops, covering bamboo construction and bamboo product development. Architects, designers, students and entrepreneurs attend. They may be interested in new product opportunities, technologies, or designs that use bamboo, or they may simply be curious about bamboo and want to learn about this unique material. All are welcome to take part! We also train local women and have a special program that introduces children to bamboo and its uses. And you may be pleased to know that we can tailor-make courses for groups, even large ones.