Audrey Wallace-Taylor 1


After painting professionally for years, now my work has become an exploration into what illuminates my spiritual path. I am constantly surprised by the space, images and colors that want to appear.

After several years of paying no attention to a consistency of image, meaning just letting what comes come, now, in the latter part of 2013 I find myself struggling with five diptyches that demand consistency on many levels.

e-mail: audwallatay [at]
address: Creativity, Auroville
tel: +91 0413 262-2642




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One thought on “Audrey Wallace-Taylor

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    daniel leonard
    Audrey, I am a great admirer of your work. I discovered four of your large canvases, dating to 1970, at a local shop. One is of two figures, in neon, sitting by a pool. The others are an abstract triptych. I have had stretchers made for them, but only the figurative has been stretched. This is how I came to know you. Best, Daniel