European House invites you to come to View The ICONS Wall at European House. The inauguration is over but the wall is there for everybody to see, as the tiles are permanently cemented to the wall of one building.

Where: The European House, Next to the International House (which is left on the way to Solitude Farm and opposite the parking of Tibetan Pavilion), Auroville.

About the Artist:

“Music was my first love and it will be my last,” says Julietta Kühle. Before coming to India she spent many years in the music industry in Germany. But coming to Auroville, she discovered a new love. Clay. After apprenticing in Ray Meeker’s Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry, the alma mater of so many Auroville potters, she has continued working with ceramics at Mandala Pottery.

A printing workshop with Sushma Anand inspired her to start experimenting with transferring images to ceramic/clay/porce- lain, especially images of iconic people from the fields of music, movies, comics, and even gods and gurus. These witty, whimsical, irreverent representations which do not seek formal perfection – “blurriness and cracks are part of the game, as in life”– were on display at her ICONS exhibition, held at Kalakendra Gallery, Bharat Nivas, from 1st – 12th February 2020.

“In the end all art is the same: the never-ending search for the divine truth and harmony. Each piece of art brings me a bit closer to this aim,” Julietta expresses.

Excerpt from text by Alan Herbert, originally printed for ICONS Exhibition

A part of these printed tiles are now installed as a mural at European House. Except for some special pieces all ICONS are of European origin. The selection is very personal and not at all meant to be representative.