ACRES FOR AUROVILLE in collaboration with UNITY PAVILION and AV ARTS invites you to visit and participate in 

« LIMINAL SPACE » ART FOR LAND  2021 exhibition & fundraiser for Auroville’s land

with its new WEBSITE & ONLINE  GALLERY                   

and the new ART FOR LAND Art Stand at the Visitor’s Centre 

«Let beauty be your constant ideal … »

“The lands for Auroville are to be bought and can be bought. The money is needed. 

Will you help?” 

These two messages of The Mother guide and animate ART FOR LAND. The Mother, an artist herself, always encouraged artistic expression in all its forms, so that beauty and creativity are an integral part of Auroville. This aspiration and its realizations radiate and shine in Art for Land 2021.  

And this is an action of beauty for a cause – helping to build The City of Dawn. All the magnificent works have been generously donated by the artists: each artwork you purchase, and each donation you make, bring needed resources for the purchase of Auroville’s designated but still-missing land! 

After the inspiring inauguration, the Liminal Space exhibition and events are in full swing. The high-quality artworks line the walls and cover tables of the Unity Pavilion and spread out into its garden. Works can be viewed and reserved online or at the Unity Pavilion (daily from  10 AM to 4 PM non-stop)

Aurovilians who would like to buy artworks but have limited budgets can pay through monthly contributions as arranged with AFL and Financial service. More information is available at (+ 91) 413 -2623576 and at

NEW – AFL 2021 now has a beautiful space at the Visitor’s Center – the Art for Land Art Counter – selling photos, art prints, cards and books that have been generously donated by the artists. The counter is open weekdays from 11 AM to 6 PM and weekends 8.30 AM to 6 PM. 

Together we hope to increase the flow of generosity for the land and we will be happy if these works also bring beauty, joy, and light into your home and life!

Speaking of generosity, gifting, and joy, don’t miss this week’s Generosity Fair and Afternoon Tea Party – an annual favorite that is part of this week’s great panorama of events!

Here’s this week’s events schedule – four events are land fundraisers, and we invite your support: 

*10th Feb  (5 PM to 6.30PM) 

Sound Bath with Svaram 

Join us in an experiential space of deep relaxation through a basic tuning process and an exposure to the soothing waves and vibrations of pure acoustic instruments. (A Unity Pavilion event)

* 12th Feb (6 PM to 8 PM )

‘Arpan’ – Celebrating the spirit of Giving

A special evening of Hindustani classical music by Mandar Karanjkar and accompanying musicians alongwith Indian classical dance by Aneesh Raghavan (Odissi), Saroja (Bharatnatyam) and a Kathak Kaleidoscope by students of Yogini Gandhi.

* 13th Feb  (9.30 AM to 11.30 AM)

Art meditation led by Gopika along with live music by Nadaka and Keshava  

Engage in a creative process that can lead the way into unraveling the beauty, mystery and the transformative power of the Arts and embark on a meditative art journey in discovering your creative self.

* 14th Feb (10 AM to 6 PM)

Generosity Fair

A fun fair for all age groups! Participate in creative activities such as t-shirt painting and collage making, Buy beautiful and useful things and enjoy the variety of cakes, snacks and tea at this all-day event, closing with a wonderful Jazz concert by Anushka, Matt and Shanks from 5pm to 6pm.

* 16th Feb (5 PM to 6PM) 

A slide-show on painter Nicholas Roerich presented by Dr. Alexander Pereverzev

This stunning slide-show explores the profound vision of the Himalayas reflected in the canvases of the renowned Russian artist, thinker, explorer and public figure Nicholas Roerich.

All proceeds from art purchase and donations at the events go to the Acres for Auroville land campaign for Auroville’s still-missing lands.