Focusing on the work of indian architect anupama kundoo, ‘taking time’ is the fourth in the louisiana museum of modern art’s series of monographic architectural exhibitions. kundoo is a keen advocate of the idea that architects should invest more time in thinking, researching, and sharing knowledge as a way to gain a deeper understanding of context, materiality, function, and sustainability. as such, the name of the exhibition, which remains on view until january 31, 2021, refers to kundoo’s mantra: ‘we cannot make time, but we can take time.’ by learning from and collaborating with craftspeople, anupama kundoo has become heavily involved in the making process herself. it is in this way that she crafted her own home, the now celebrated ‘wall house’, in auroville, india, replicating the making process and essence of the home for the 2012 venice architecture biennale. by transplanting the local indian craftsmanship to venice, kundoo extended her research to find new ways of using age-old, local materials — combining traditional techniques with knowledge-based scientific systems.