MMC/CP and AVFF would like to THANK all the groups and people who each contributed importantly to the event.

Here are the statistics at the closing of AVFF 2022.

1260 viewers have tuned in to the event, and 8520 “Sales” (all films are free) we’re made.
These led to 2990 streams, mostly from here in Asia (2530), followed by Europe (246), North America (110) and Australia (49).

We very much hope to be able to schedule the festival after lockdown restrictions are lifted. We were really happy that we were able to organise the online film festival platform with the support of Shift72, who came on as a partner with a heavily discounted package, and AVI USA who funded it.

Partners of AVFF are:
ACUR Management, Anveshan, Auroville Consulting, Auroville Outreach Media, Auroville Radio, AVI Germany, AVI USA, brainfever media productions, Budget Coordination Committee, Centre d’Art, Green Moves, Marc’s Café Store, Miniature, Moveable Sound, Naturellement, Right Path Café, SAIIER, Sharnga Guesthouse, Solitude Farm, Tanto, Tube Thambi Auroville

African Film Festival New York, Cineuropa, Dharamshala International Film Festival, European Film Festival, Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Kriti Film Club, New York Indian Film Festival, Shift72, South Asian Short Film Festival, Tamilnadu Film Festival

The people behind are:
Aashay, Alex, Amando, Aneeta, Anne, Anushka, Aparna, Aurolice, Binu Kumar, Christoph, Christophe, Clemens, Daljeet, Daniel, Dhani, Edo, Era, Gali, Gerhard, Henrik, Hubert, Jeanluc, Jill, Jurriaan, Kavita, Kirtana, Krishna, Kshitij, Laxmanan, Lijun, Luca, Mahatma, Malcolm, Marco F, Marco S, Marie-Pierre, Masha, Matilde, Matt, Mehul, Moghan, Philippe, Pooja, Rakhal, Rando, Raul, Ray, Rena, Riju, Rolf, Sacha, Sasikant, Shakti, Silvia, Stefania, Stefano, Suresh, Surya, Susana, Suzie, Swaha, Tom, Valentina

The bands are:
Bulletproof Funk, Last Minute, NoizeGate, Swaha Blues Band, The Dream

The judges are:
Aanchal, Francis, Premendra, Radhika, Richa, Simona

MMC/CP team
AVFF team