The Creative Writing Playgrounda Journey to a new never-ending education life-style!

The course will be carried out in the times and in the manner of a blog and there will be many surprises.

Course fee: Free
Location: Online

The time has come to guide you in free creative falls, from which to return to the surface with new ideas, new inspirations, new paths that furrow the infinite routes of human inner resources towards the awakening of a new Consciousness. In the name of that ideal, that is so dear to us, of never-ending education. An education that supports the human effort to free himself/herselffrom the old superstructures to make him/her glide into the heights of his/her Creative Spirit and make him/her descend back to Earth just nourished by thoseelevated Inspirations provided by the instrument of writing. I’ll tell you about how all of this well fits with the never-ending education life style in a following post.

From this awakening comes the idea of ​​the Blog, which will be only for Aurovilians, Newcomers, and volunteers. This way all of you who wanted to follow my classes can do it from home, or from the table of a bar, sitting on a lawn, or wherever you prefer. Maybe later we can organise some gatherings to play the game of writing together. But now the time has come to take off your shoes and start walking barefoot, like fools of God looking for their own path and following only the one that indicates the Heart.

What will you find in the blog? The contents are many and range from simple exercises to enhance creative talent, to inner and meditative explorations through writing, up to a writing practice that helps the aspiring Yogi to clarify some practical aspects of Yoga and to transcribe a map of his/her journey, addressing the themes proposed by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. It is nocoincidence that I called the blog “the Creative Writing Yoga Path”. And it will be offered to you in various formats such as podcasts, posts and more. But all this will be better explored in the next post/podcast entitled: What You Will Find in This Blog.

The blog is free for you. You just have to enter your details, the same ones you use to enter the Auronet site, and you are inside the Journey.

And if you like the path and would like to make a donation, it will be very much appreciated by this barefoot traveler of the creative paths. And you would help me to offset the costs of creating and maintaining the website, as well as that of the web domain.

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