The official and definitive Creative Writing Playground is finally online!! What a relief!

You can find it visiting Francesca`s website Gate of Dreams at Please click on the “Creative Writing” button at the top. You’ll have to subscribe but don’t worry, it’s for free! Since it’s for us Aurovilians, Newcomers and Volunteers only. The transitory Creative Writing Playground Blog has been shut down and won’t be visible anymore. Inside the current new one, you’ll find some more exercises, suggestions for prompts and a few articles on the theory of creative writing. I’ll keep uploading it weekly, so check it often.

The rest of the website it’s still under construction therefore don’t be upset if you happen to click on some other buttons and nothing happens.
I also have another great announcement give: a podcast series will be launched this or next week on AVRadio and it’s called “I Just Wanna Write”. I will be waiting for your feedback and comments.
And don’t forget: we’re all creative beings. So don’t hesitate to give it a try.
Catch you later Auroville. Peace.