“View from the 4th Row” – Streaming of Plays from Ranga Shankara’s Archives Natanakairali presents ‘Abhijnana Sakuntalam’

Natanakairali’s presentation of Kalidasa’s Sanskrit epic in the richness of India’s oldest extant theatre form was a super-hit in the 2010 Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, meeting with rave reviews and quite a few standing ovations! Kerala’s traditional art form . ‘Abhijnana Sakuntalam’ is adapted to stage and directed by renowned Kutiyattam practitioner Guru G Venu and features Kapila Venu, Sooraj Nambiar, and Ammanur Rajaneesh Chakyar. The live music onstage is performed by musicians Kalamandalam Rajeev, Kalamandalam Narayanan Nambiar, Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan, and Kalanilayam Haridas.

  • When:  10:00 am onwards, Friday, 11 – 17 June, 2021
  • The play is available to both national and international audiences on Ranga Shankara’s YouTube channel (RangaShankaraTheatre)