India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) invites applications for
Explorations Under its Arts Practice programme

Deadline: Friday, September 09, 2022

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The Arts Practice programme seeks to implement projects where artists expand their present range of practices in new directions. These could question accepted conventions, push new frontiers in content, form and medium, explore new modes of engagement with space, audience and communities, foregrounding a spirit of experimentation.


While practicing the arts, we might sometimes stumble upon an idea or feel an urge to venture into a direction that is fresh and exciting. However, given the context and location of our practice, these ideas may be unfamiliar and thus the foray into them seem tentative and uncertain. We may at the time know nothing about where it will lead us or what it might mean for our present practice. And yet we feel the draw, understand its import and the necessity of following through. A little support at these times may be of help. 

Under the Arts Practice programme, we invite proposals for such Explorations that seek to probe, test and play around with ideas nascent, risky or unprecedented. These may or may not lead into the making of an artwork later on. This could include researching, script-writing, location scouting, animatics, jamming, storyboarding, rehearsing, sampling, robotics, lab explorations and other forms of exploratory work that are used to examine ideas.

Programme Officer John Xaviers invites applications
under the Explorations category ​of the Arts Practice programme