A unique space to connect with the rainbow inside


Ceremony Leader

  • When: 9.30am to 11:30am, 30 March, 2022
  • Where: Rainbow Kitchen, Svedam Community (Auroville)
  • Contact : 9619996090 /9920996080
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About RO:
With her Shakti energy, at an early age, she had some experience in Buenos Aires and Barcelona at the Melodic Techno scene and as an Ecstatic Dance DJ in Malta, Amsterdam and Goa. Rocío makes music for people to connect with their hearts. Through this connection; movement, dance, expression and exchange, arises. The different sounds and silences speak by themselves, creating “frequencies”. Rocío´s music selection is inspired by a fusion of the elements of nature and ancient sounds combined with groovy digital rhythms in an organic way creating a spontaneous atmosphere, where the frequency of LOVE leads people to a unique “inner experience”; a journey of “RE-CONNECTION WITH THE SOUL”.