vision of an umbrella for the arts in Auroville

Auroville wants to be a new creation, expressing a New Consciousness in a new way according to new methods.

Consciousness was the key word the Mother had for Auroville. To live in Auroville is to generate an active field where this new consciousness can create a new life, and with it, a new culture based on unity and a beauty that the consciousness brings.


unique role of art in Auroville

Art in all its expressions – painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance and more, must play a role in the creation of Auroville, a place that wants to surpass all national rivalries, social conventions, contradictory moralities and contending religions, to create a new culture, based on Human Unity.

Auroville is a unique experiment, based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This international township is a material base that allows an intense spiritual stimulus for growth in all areas of practical organization, collective living, environment and planning. It is important not only to integrate the artistic dimension that has been growing steadily to give life to that aspect of the Mother’s Dream in education and culture but also to integrate it in the building and planning of the city.


proliferance of art/artists in Auroville

With a population of only 2500 Auroville has already produced pain