MMC / Cinema Paradiso

CinemaParadiso_featureMMC (Multimedia Center) Auditorium / Cinema Paradiso is located at the Town Hall complex.

number of seats: 124

presentation area dimensions: approx. 9.70 m x 3.00 m







  • state-of-the-art acoustics, presenters do not need any microphones
  • full-HD LCD projector + compatible high-tech screen (4.50 m x 2.60 m)
  • 2 DVD and 1 multimedia players (for mkv, mp4 etc. for up to 1080p)
  • for presentations, projector can be linked to laptop via VGA or HDMI
  • Air Conditioner and UPS

e-mail: mmcauditorium [at]
phone: +91 (0)413 262 3187
address: Town Hall complex, Auroville



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