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Kalabhumi goes Live!

Pushkar ~ piano BulletProof Funk ~ Rock, Blues and Funk 2C?B ~ Techno    Freshly made pizzas and beverages will be served in collaboration with [...]

Veena Musical Classes

As one of India's most ancient string instruments, the veena's origin can be traced back to the ancient yazh, which was similar to the Grecian harp. Bharata, in his Natya Shastra, explains the theory of the 22 sruti's in an octave with [...]

The Auroville Theatre Group

The Auroville Theatre Group has been performing in Auroville for about 20 years now. Many actors have come and gone: several have started their stage careers with the ATG. The theatre scene in Auroville being pretty fluid -- actors work [...]

Physical Theatre Class

Physical Theatre Class Series In this series we'll explore how to embody words, story and imagery through our body. For performers or non-performers, we will draw elements of physical theatre from Grotowski, corporeal mime, clown and [...]

Mandala & Meditation

Join us for a simple collective mandala creation with flowers, a brief reading from Savitri and meditation. Please bring your enthusiasm and any flowers collected on the way to our new art center for this unifying and creative [...]