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Kalabhumi Music Studio

  Kalabhumi Music Studio   Integral Yoga and Music Music can be an aid towards meditation and in its effects, it can harmonize and elevate the different parts of the human being. In integral yoga, music will work [...]

Visitor’s Centre

The Visitor's Centre complex includes an outdoor stage with terraced sitting space and various other audience opportunities around it. It is primarily used for dance-, theatre- and music performances but also for poetry reading, fashion [...]


CRIPA is a large scale rehearsal space (300 m2), designed acoustically and practically so that it is beneficial to all the disciplines. The initial parameters included a timber-floored space with variable acoustic treatment, a piano, [...]

Sri Aurobindo Auditorium

Part of the Bharat Nivas complex, the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium is a huge facility offering an excellent space for holding cultural programs. One of the primary event venues in the city, the auditorium is frequently witness to a wide [...]


ARKA is a research project of S.A.I.I.E.R (Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research). It is an innovative social project of Auroville that wants to redefine the concept of aging as described by the [...]