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ARKA is a research project of S.A.I.I.E.R (Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research). It is an innovative social project of Auroville that wants to redefine the concept of aging as described by the [...]

Pitanga Cultural Centre

Pitanga is a cultural centre dedicated to serving the development and enhancement of physical education and cultural activities for children and adult residents of Auroville in the light of Mother's and Sri Aurobindo. Pitanga has an [...]

Janaka House

managed by Jocelyn. Apart from being the house where I live, Janaka house is one of the most beautiful houses in Auroville and contains a collection of art from this studio here and other artists in Auroville. People who would like [...]

Centre d’Art – Citadines

Centre d'Art - Citadines is an art space at the ground level of one of the Citadines apartment buildings. It is used as an art gallery for temporary and permanent exhibitions and includes a room for video [...]

Savitri Bhavan

Savitri Bhavan is dedicated to fostering Human Unity through spiritual education based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This centre collects, develops, disseminates and displays materials to increase understanding of [...]