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Priya Sundaravalli

It’s only since 2000 that Priya started doing pottery as a hobby in addition to her teaching work at various Auroville schools. The hobby has meanwhile turned into a full-time occupation, with Priya gradually finding her own, very unique [...]

Ange Peter

Ange Peter came to India with her parents when she was two years old. She grew up in Auroville and completed her studies at the Sri Aurobindo's International Center of Education in Pondicherry. Her first teachers in pottery were Ray [...]

Supriya Menon Meneghetti

My work grows organically where forms happen and form is given the importance. I like to paint, and on some forms I paint with only black and white, while on others a lot of color is used. This depends on the clay and firing. I work [...]

Saraswati (Renata Sidorenko)

I work with hand building and small forms. I use variety of glazes to create colorful fairy tale like world. I am ready to share it with those who keep the inner child happily alive. I'm always looking for play in work. I define [...]

Rakhee Kane

Training and Experience in Ceramics Committed to my life in Auroville, an international township since over eight years now, the focus of my recent work has been images, objects, colors and textures of India. India, my own country, [...]

Adil Writer

Adil Writer is a ceramic artist, painter and architect from Bombay, currently living and working in Auroville, where he is a partner at Mandala Pottery which produces functional tableware, assorted ceramic items, and architectural ceramic [...]


I am Italian. I expressed myself as an expressionist painter and explored painting from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties. Since then I turned to ceramic sculpture, I try to express the plasticity of faces and dynamic movement of [...]