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Krupa Jhaveri

Krupa Jhaveri, MPS, is an International Art Therapist and Art Director, born in the US and of Indian ethnic origin. Based in south India, she bridges cultures and facilitates art-making for insight and empowerment through her [...]


I had a career as actor, dancer and singer in France in the '80's for 10 years. In the 90's I started teaching acting, personal development and art therapy through theatre for 12 years. In Auroville I have been engaged in projects [...]

Tia Pleiman

Throughout my life as an artist, I’ve gravitated towards a variety of 1, 2 and 3 dimensional materials and media…drawing, painting, clay, mixed media, collage, fiber and recycle art. Over the past several years, while traveling [...]

Grace Gitadelila Ueberle

"I have chosen to contribute as a Dance and Drawing Non verbal communicator expressing the ancient and contemporary spiritual culture that rests its base on the divine nature of all beings." Grace's domain of expertise: - Pedagogy [...]