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Nuria Casanova

Singer, choir director and music teacher. I studied classical singing, piano and musicology at the University in Barcelona. Throughout the years I have continued studying with teachers specialized in different musical styles. Since [...]

Ange Peter

Ange Peter came to India with her parents when she was two years old. She grew up in Auroville and completed her studies at the Sri Aurobindo's International Center of Education in Pondicherry. Her first teachers in pottery were Ray [...]

A. Sathya

I have been passionate about painting since my early years and started practicing in our local cultural center. since i came to Auroville i have also been heavily involved in farming and foresting, i feel that this experience brought me [...]

Ashesh Joshi

My love for Arts and painting commenced and has grown with the study of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; learning has been an education in appreciating the beauty of life. When the moments of deep intimacy descend on me and the inner [...]

Priya Sundaravalli

It’s only since 2000 that Priya started doing pottery as a hobby in addition to her teaching work at various Auroville schools. The hobby has meanwhile turned into a full-time occupation, with Priya gradually finding her own, very unique [...]


Caroline studied several vocal approaches as Carnatic singing, Nada Yoga or Bel Canto lyric technique taught in Vocal YogaVY and practiced with voice teachers, singers, sound healers and Nature before she began to create the Ikaroma [...]

Olivier Barot 1

Olivier settled in Auroville in 1991. As a photographer, he became fascinated by the bewildering diversity of India, altogether wild and sophisticated, as well as by its splendid architecture. He then intended to show the Indian [...]


I am Italian. I expressed myself as an expressionist painter and explored painting from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties. Since then I turned to ceramic sculpture, I try to express the plasticity of faces and dynamic movement of [...]

Jocelyn 2

I have lived in Auroville since 1969, and wrote the only non fiction novel about the beginning of Auroville, Antithesis of Yoga. In 1998 I began working with master Ganessan from Thanjavur and other artists here at Janaka House Ravena [...]

Noel Parent

Noel Parent is a writer of poetry, children’s stories and other contemplative and inspirational articles. He moved to Auroville from the U.S. in 2007 and has worked at the Matrimandir Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Unity Pavilion and other [...]

Dominique Jacques

Dominique has been working as a painter and restorer of canvas and frescos since 1987, first in France and later in Italy. In her artistic path she likes to mix several techniques such as egg tempera or gold and silver [...]


French painter and director of TV movies and experimental cinema, Basil has lived and worked in Auroville for the past thirteen years, traveling and filming. He has produced documentaries such as: - Auroville Towards a [...]


Having immersed himself in the world of sound over the last 3 decades, in research, experimentation, project works, performances and installations, Aurelio considers himself a listening soul following mysterious song-lines into unknown [...]

Edoardo Grassi

Edoardo Grassi’s fundamental focus is on documentary, travel and portraiture photography. Over the years, he grew fond of National Geographic images which encouraged him to learn basics of photography. Photojournalism and [...]

Minsun Park

Organization Community Cultural Colors (see see see) with B in 2012. 'Recycling art events' in 2012/ 'AUROVILLE SINGING FESTIVAL' in 2013 Eco-musical performance group 'Phoenix' project. I think we need the platform to [...]

Marco Feira

Two grey/green eyes, one nose quite big, one mouth, few original teeth, but only two ears, 1m 79cm height, no special peculiarities visible except two big mustaches recently added. After I finished the Art School in Italy, I started to [...]

Holger Jetter

Holger is a violinist and multi-instrumentalist. He is versatile in many styles and produces music in his studio in Sharnga. He is open for [...]

Adil Writer

Adil Writer is a ceramic artist, painter and architect from Bombay, currently living and working in Auroville, where he is a partner at Mandala Pottery which produces functional tableware, assorted ceramic items, and architectural ceramic [...]

Kenji Matsumoto

I usually season wood 2 to 3 years. After that I plane the surface of the plank. This is the moment I can see the face of the tree. Then we = the wood and myself = decide what the wood wants to become…. When I work, I [...]

Marlenka Gray

I feel that life is art; it isn't a separate sort of thing. To make my surroundings a work of art, harmonious to the senses, that is of paramount importance for me. To paint with a brush or a pen on a piece of paper or on a ceramic [...]


Polyphonik Neo-Urban -/- Clown Krypto-Naze Novo-Punky -/- Nomad Bio-Anartist Je suis comme Tout l'monde, comme Personne et comme Certains I am like Everybody, like Nobody and like [...]

Robert L’Heureux

Robert L'Heureux is originating from Canada where he learned the Art of Glass over 37 years ago. Vitrail as it is named in the west was well known from middle age for being an integral part in the construction of the cathedral and [...]

Olga Bogachova

Olga was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Since that time she is overzealous to all types of art, mural art, sculptures , decorations, interior design, silk painting, photography and painting. 2005 Worked as Art Therapist 2008 Graduated from [...]

Shakti Balu

I live in a place of unending education. Therefore there could be no particular description or name of our activities. Everything we Aurovilians do is for getting experience, and to grow towards the ideal. What is my ideal? In few [...]

Matt Littlewood

Originally from UK, currently living in Auroville, India. Jazz saxophonist, pianist, composer and music teacher. Studied music at Exeter University UK. An active member of the Indian Jazz and World music scene. Bands that I play [...]

Abha Prakash

I'm drawn to life-writing and memoir. My poems (published in poetry journals and anthologies) are usually in first-person and almost all are informed by subjective responses to my lived reality. In prose I have been working on [...]

Suryan Stettner

Suryan is a self styled singer/songwriter of contemporary western music, fusing many genres to create his sound. Conceived and brought up in Auroville, his parents (German and English) met and settled in Auroville in the early 70's. He [...]

Maria Grazia

The Path of Silk: The Art of Quilting. Coming from a background of theatre, I settled in Auroville in January 1984. For my work in theatre and dance, manual work has always been essential. So I was cultivating hobbies like painting, [...]


Edo is a blues, classic rock and progressive guitarist who emphasize improvisation over structured musical approach. He is a self-taught musician who has incorporated jazz, classical Indian, funky and psychedelic elements into his [...]

Krupa Jhaveri

Krupa Jhaveri, MPS, is an International Art Therapist and Art Director, born in the US and of Indian ethnic origin. Based in south India, she bridges cultures and facilitates art-making for insight and empowerment through her [...]


I had a career as actor, dancer and singer in France in the '80's for 10 years. In the 90's I started teaching acting, personal development and art therapy through theatre for 12 years. In Auroville I have been engaged in projects [...]

Valeria Raso Matsumoto

Ikebana is the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement. It is a disciplined art form where the arrangement is a living thing in which nature and humanity are brought together. It is steeped in the philosophy of developing closeness with [...]

Tia Pleiman

Throughout my life as an artist, I’ve gravitated towards a variety of 1, 2 and 3 dimensional materials and media…drawing, painting, clay, mixed media, collage, fiber and recycle art. Over the past several years, while traveling [...]


I have enjoyed being part of theatre, dance and singing since I was a teenager for they gave me great joy and a sense of fulfilment. After joining Auroville in 1977, I have continued to work and evolve in these fields, stimulated and [...]

Grace Gitadelila Ueberle

"I have chosen to contribute as a Dance and Drawing Non verbal communicator expressing the ancient and contemporary spiritual culture that rests its base on the divine nature of all beings." Grace's domain of expertise: - Pedagogy [...]

Ok (Lee Ok Jeong)

Like to create Something from Nothing. RECYCLING: Using waste In COORPERATION with local village women. Starting from the WISH to save our Earth. UP CYCLING: Creating a higher value through design and quality for longer-lasting [...]

Sam (mas.edolah.suweli)

Being an autodidact music composer, I create electronic music since 1998. Whether it is electroscape, techno, hip-hop or raggaeton I create pieces, remix tracks and perform live sets made to dance or simply to be appreciated as a [...]

Birgitta Volz

Birgitta Volz, an artist and designer with major international recognition, can be credited with nearly 100 solo exhibitions, more than 150 group exhibitions, and work in 18 different countries. Recipient of numerous international awards, [...]

Giorgio Molinari

Coming from Italy, Giorgio has been living in Auroville since 2003, making pictures for Auroville and Aurovillians as a gift, not for commercial use, and supporting the ARKA Project. At the Red Door in ARKA giving, upon request, [...]

Amrita Massaguer

I paint as a way of keeping a journal about different layers of reality and the constant flow between them. It is thrilling to translate what is often intangible and invisible into images, and through them I hope to transmit what [...]

Christoph Pohl

Graduate media technology engineer, video editor and postproduction supervisor by profession; multimedia artist as a side-effect. Christoph lives and works in Auroville since 2008. Besides running a small AV unit called brainfever [...]

Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai 1

Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai is from Goa. He has a MFA from the MS University, Baroda. He has participated in many group shows and three one man shows.  Charudatta also does caricatures. He is a theater actor. He has acted in many [...]


Osiva lives at Yatra, Auroville. Since early childhood, he felt a strong inclination towards painting and has continuously developed his skills. As an artist, he has already presented over 40 successful one man shows with exhibitions [...]


While living and working in Auroville, Miki is an active member of Janaka House, painting in the Tanjore, Tibetan styles,using natural earth and mineral pigments. A memory of this trans-cultural flavor is present in her art in acrylic [...]

Jyoti Khare 1

Starting painting young, Jyoti kept on nurturing herself over years relying on her inner guide. Only when people started calling her an artist did she realize how much space art had already taken in her life. She still sees it as a [...]

Celestine Ridgeway

I AM ART, Being Myself. Knowing the fact WASTE IS ONLY GOLD and ONLY GOD HIMSELF, Year 2,000 recycling at Celestial Art and Cultural Research Center, Prarthana, Auroville, resulted as Art Installation at various places within [...]

Rod Hemsell

From 2005 to 2013 Rod has lectured regularly on philosophy and poetry at the University of Human Unity in Auroville, where he also has worked as Principal of New Era Secondary School from 2007-2012. During May-August 2013 he presented [...]


«A vision of the World, a gaze on our inner and outer lands… All that surrounds me, I behold, all that goes through me and transcends me, beyond my limitations, within multiple realities. I catch vibrations, incarnate them into [...]

Lalie Sorbet

I have this passion to create images... again and again... Video, 3D, collage, painting, photography, I like exploring all the possibilities of expression. My latest discovery: macrophotography. These macrophotographs have been taken [...]

Rolf Lieser

Born: 17 April 1954 in Trier, Germany. I studied Vis.Com./Arts in Germany and worked as Graphic Designer in Advertisement Agencies. After coming to Auroville in 1981, I continued design work including book publications, exhibitions [...]

Serge Scarnato alias Sukhino 1

To speak about myself is not what I like the most, but to let art and music express the feelings of what is difficult to speak about, the hidden. To employ poetry and images to reveal deeper emotions, different perceptions and yet to [...]

Juergen Puetz

Having been involved in the world of art and painting goes back to a time before I decided to come and live in Auroville in 1973. My involvement with painting in Auroville is relatively recent, developing and changing [...]

Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra

Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra is an intuitive abstract artist. She has been painting ever since she was old enough to hold a brush. To become an artist wasn't a conscious choice but a natural expression of her being. Growing up in Sri [...]

Rakhee Kane

Training and Experience in Ceramics Committed to my life in Auroville, an international township since over eight years now, the focus of my recent work has been images, objects, colors and textures of India. India, my own country, [...]

Marie-Claire Barsotti

Designer? Painter? Sculptor? I never liked labels as they fit you in a box and the goal of this Sadhana is to free ourselves from any limitation so that the reality of who we really are can reveal itself. The only thing I know, is [...]

Yatra E. Srinivassan

E. Srinivassan is a screenwriter, actor, and film and theatre director. Born in Kuilapalayam, he has directed more than twenty-five educational films and street plays on social, health, and environmental issues which are used to raise [...]

Clara M. Sevilla Seguí 1

Bachelor in Fine Arts. Painting and engraving specialties. Currently writing her doctoral thesis on Indian aesthetics and contemporary art, on the way to understand the deepest significance of the aesthetic experience and the place [...]

Audrey Wallace-Taylor 1

After painting professionally for years, now my work has become an exploration into what illuminates my spiritual path. I am constantly surprised by the space, images and colors that want to appear. After several years of paying no [...]

Marco Saroldi

Marco works as a photographer since 1983. In addition to the professional work, he likes to create imaginary landscapes or self-portraits representing contemporary [...]

Ivana Frousova

Originally from the Czech Republic, Ivana has been living in the UK for 9 years. Now she lives in Auroville since July 2014. Starting painting late, Ivana tries to do the maximum to be a good painter. Art is a part of daily life, like [...]

Ireno Guerci

When Ireno came with his partner from Italy to join Auroville in 1988 it was with the intention to drop photography altogether. He had been in the business for years, making photo reportages as a free lancer and had won three different [...]

Emanuele Scanziani

Depth and lightness, density and humor reveal themselves in Emanuele's work through the «brush engravings on stone» created in the privacy of his atelier – a meeting with the stone and its telling features; and the illustrations of [...]

AuroTejas Hemsell

Tejas performs and teaches Odissi and Semi Classical Bollywood Dance. She has dedicated her life to the study of Bharathanatyam and Odissi. Tejas has also studied Kathak, Bellydance, African dance, Ballet and Salsa, which gives her a [...]


I make music as a way of personal growth and a means to express myself creatively. Music nourishes me and I believe that I have something I can give to others through it. I sing and play flute and guitar in whatever way I choose (and [...]

Connie de Nood

Born in the Netherlands, but living in South India, I get inspired by my surroundings.  Being close to nature and living in the multi-cultural environment of Auroville surely inspires me the most. I work with black pen on paper and [...]

Helgard Zurmühl

Born 1949 in Heilbronn (Germany) , living and working as artist in Auroville, India and in Germany, Tübingen / Berlin Art was always an expression of her soul. Her profession is that of teacher and lecturer at college. Previously, she [...]

Akash Kapur

Akash Kapur is a writer who grew up and lives in Auroville. He is the author of one book, India Becoming, and his work has appeared in various publications, including The Atlantic, Auroville Today, The Economist, Granta, The New Yorker, [...]

Vera Lipen

In the silent regions of my mind, in the deep harmony of my heart, where sounds are tangible, an intimate voice speaks to me of the wonders of the Unimaginable; it hums, sings, resonates, dances in me… Music awakens the feeling of [...]

Jill Navarre

Auroville is a spiritual endeavor, and creating theatre in Auroville involves heart, mind, body… and lots of spirit. In fact, the work on stage is a reflection of a process that may have started with a text into which one dives, [...]

Anandi Elba Fernandez

Poet, before knowing the meaning of the word, playing at home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have written my first poem. Arts, in general are from childhood, my way of expression: dance, music, photography... And as a teacher, "Creative [...]

Monique Patenaude

A human being in quest of a larger, higher and more beautiful life on this planet: this is the best presentation I would give of myself. My art is altogether an instrument and an expression of that [...]

Saraswati (Renata Sidorenko)

I work with hand building and small forms. I use variety of glazes to create colorful fairy tale like world. I am ready to share it with those who keep the inner child happily alive. I'm always looking for play in work. I define [...]

Anuradha Majumdar

Who am I? This is an excellent question. It certainly merits serious reflection. A clear discernment of self, few identifying marks, achievements if any, blood group and so on.. For the moment it can be safe to say: Site Under [...]


My work and passion for the past twenty five years have been focused on understanding the sculptural aspects of South Indian culture. I am Murthy Nadesan and I am a recipient of the National Award for Mastercraftsman, New Delhi. I [...]


Nicole considers herself an Artist/Illustrator. She originates from The United States and now lives in Auroville, where she finds inspiration in her husband, daughter and their surroundings. Her illustration work is primarily [...]

Supriya Menon Meneghetti

My work grows organically where forms happen and form is given the importance. I like to paint, and on some forms I paint with only black and white, while on others a lot of color is used. This depends on the clay and firing. I work [...]

Merry Cook

I started composing little pieces, both harmony and melody, when I was about 4 years old. After college graduation I emigrated to Germany, from USA, and studied pipe organ and related subjects for 10 semesters. After that I taught in [...]


Autodidact since1970. It was after my first journey to Auroville in 1973, in a quest for the future, that inspiration emerged freely. I returned to France and despite all the social and familial difficulties, the decision to paint daily [...]